Makellos means immaculate in German. Our business philosophy is to provide our clients with the best quality in nail products. We are revolutionizing the industry of nail fashion. Makellos Nails was inspired by the fashionista who desires to have flawless nails, but just don’t have the time to get their nails professionally done. Our press-on nails are made out of recyclable material that’s eco-friendly and safe for your natural nails. With our trendy and fashion forward designs, Makellos Nails is perfect for any occasion. It’s easy self-application that only takes a few minutes to apply. Do it yourself at an affordable price at your convenience. Our nails are thin and flexible for a natural and comfortable fit. It looks just like polished nails! Have the flexibility to change your nails like you change your shoes! Style your outfit with Makellos to compliment your look. Mix and match the nails with your accessories to show off your style and personality. Get compliments galore with our luxurious manicured nails.



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